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These Dutch homes will be printed

3D printed houses - that you are actually supposed to live in - are here.


New York Magazine

SEO Is Back. Thank God.

The problem with social-optimized content is that its overt, eerie familiarity drapes a kind of lowest-common-denominator cynicism across the internet
So what does it look like?
Brands are investing in their relationships with Pinterest because of the unique commerce opportunities that it provides.
Picture a quasi-AI vision meets social media prowess mixed with haute couture and integrity and you've got this intriguing new vibe in social media influence known as Noonoouri, a virtual persona who is gaining such a Millennial fanbase that brands from Dior to KKW are lining up to work with her and tap into consumers in a completely new way.

Fashionably AI

Eison Triple Thread reimagines suit-making with music and artificial intelligence
Social media has allowed self-proclaimed ‘AI influencers’ who do nothing more than paraphrase Elon Musk to cash in on this hype with low-quality pieces. The result is dangerous
The conventional interpretation of human-centered design wildly oversimplifies the relationship between people and technology. It’s time for a more nuanced approach, writes argodesign’s Mark Rolston.
Our columnist uses the "first-ever blockchain-based auction of fine art" to throw cold water on an overheated art-tech space.
The authors theorized that the lack of physical boundaries in the open office made constructing social barriers necessary.
When the artist returned home to China he finally painted his first original work, a new documentary shows.
Memes, remixes and other user-generated content could disappear online if the EU's proposed rules on copyright become law, warn experts.
In the quest to appease LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) communities seeking representation, Portland-based designer Daniel Quasar has proposed an update to the iconic rainbow flag.
The Danish-Icelandic artist’s architectural studio has built its first building, for the heirs of Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen.
Office chairs have gone from corporate status symbols to afterthoughts. Here’s how one furniture manufacturer is adapting.
The crude vandal of “The Great Gatsby,” Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s bodyguard in “The Sun Also Rises,” and more.
We Asked 16 Contemporary Artists to Predict the Future
Ikea is partnering with Adidas, Lego, and Sonos to sell you everything.
Elon Musk is tweeting up a storm, and he’s loving every minute of it. With 21 million followers, Musk has emerged as one of the defining Twitter voices of 2018, someone who will happily and democratically engage with anybody who @s him.
Buying a Kate Spade handbag was a coming-of-age ritual for a generation of American women. The designer created an accessories empire that helped define the look of an era. The purses she made became a status symbol and a token of adulthood.
The true story of the exact moment in the mid-Nineties when reality television morphed from its best self to its worst.
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Thinking about Charlie Parker, every day.
"I've recently been told I should take pictures of my feet".A marketing e-mail triggers an existential quandary.
Voice interfaces, smart speakers, geolocation and other cutting-edge, screen-less technologies are transforming music consumption as we know it.
The remake is a chance for Skam to find an even bigger audience, but it’s also a bid from Facebook to appeal to its dwindling teenage demographic.
Harald Zwart’s thrilling The 12th Man, based on the true story of a Norwegian soldier who escaped the Nazis in World War II, is a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart but also an unexpectedly tender adventure that is as celebratory as it is tense.
It feels like ages ago, but there was a time when some phones carried a certain cachet.
Don’t have children, a great writer once told Michael Chabon. Each one represents a novel you’ll never publish. Here, Chabon (father of four) considers what was lost when he defiantly ignored that advice.
The complete and catastrophic failure of Fyre Festival was, metaphorically and literally, the underside of our young-money-flaunting, social-media-envy-generating era.
Disney's films have become so successful they're now the company's greatest competition. But George Lucas and Stan Lee know the answer: building your own universe.
Steven Hyden’s book Twilight of the Gods argues that the appeal of the now-dwindling Baby Boomer guitar gods was only ever personal.
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Put THAT in a book, baby!

All it took to remind us how much we love our local library was for someone to - preposterously! - predict their imminent death.
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Fortnite: The Phenomenon. The industry. The jitters.

Fortnite mania has kids and grown-ups shrieking, parents fretting, investors scrambling.


Untold insight

Have you met Noonoouri?

Little did I know, being a Millennial myself – and honestly thinking I was quite on top of the recent trends of my generation – that a new influencer had hit the social media top by far. Have you met Noonoouri?
Året er 2009 og jeg har nettopp kommet hjem etter et år på amerikansk bibelskole. Det er julaften, og jeg hylgriner for at mamma og pappa kommer til helvete hvis de dør, fordi de ikke har anerkjent Jesus.
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The creatives fab5 06

Denne uken går Lars Monsen inn i sin siste etappe av Monsen minutt for minutt på NRK. Hva skal du bruke tiden din på nå, når ‘sakte-eventyret’ snart tar slutt, spør du kanskje deg selv. Slapp av, jeg skal anbefale noe som ikke bare går minutt for minutt, men bilde for bilde.
Adam Behr

The album at 70: a format in decline?

The album – or at least, the 33rpm vinyl record that spawned the format – turns 70 years old this year. But it isn’t ageing gracefully.

Creative Thinking

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Getting ahead: Nora Konstanse

She hasn't even released her first album yet. So why is everyone so excited about singer-songwriter Nora Konstanse?
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The comic industry’s billion dollar inferiority complex

It's time for Comic-Con, the annual gathering of 130,000 fans, artists, collectors and culture geeks that defines the wild ambitions - and pessimist mindset - of the billion dollar comic industry.
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Finally! “The Spotify for magazines” is here – and it looks amazing.

Norwegian media start-up VIO has cracked the content code. This summer they’ll let you try out their service for next to nothing.
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Festival Tip: Tell Courtney Barnett how you really feel

As the high season of music festivals commences, we allow ourselves this one blunt recommendation: Courtney Barnett - who's very confident songs about lack of confidence will find a large Nordic audience.
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Meet Broomstick – The 3D Upstart Startup

"The 3D field is developing so fast, there really is no limit to what we can create," says the CEO of Noroff alumni Broomstick.
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Are We At Peak Logo?

Is the logo becoming a victim of its own success?
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Getting ahead: Jonas Bendiksen

The superstar lensman on how to make it as a photographer when everyone’s a photographer.
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Thousands of Edvard Munch Drawings Made Available to Discover Online

The Munch Museum in Oslo has made more than 7,600 of the famed artist's drawings free to access online - even for merchandising.
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For your eyes only: How Netflix knows your taste (and sometimes doesn’t)

What influences what series and movies we feel like watching? Artificial intelligence, that's what. Join us for an inside look at Netflix.
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