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“Your logo is copied”

Admit it, everything's been done before, writes Ferdinand Vogler, who figured out where some popular logos might have come from. He asks when copying becomes stealing, and if its even a bad thing. Read our curated list of articles debating the issue.


“It shines a light on hip-hop in a completely different way. This is a big moment for hip-hop music and a big moment for the Pulitzers.”
Many companies are using inexpensive immigrant labor to manufacture handbags that bear the coveted “Made in Italy” label.
‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and its contemporaries are sensory soothing software several decades in the making.
Google maps, Gmail, and Facebook are all free. Yet all of these services are worth something. Many people would probably pay directly to use at least one of them. But how much?
Art made by neural networks has become a field in its own right, full of people training algorithms to emulate people’s faces, fireworks, and even naked women. This often silly, irreverent work isn’t just fun–it may help us understand AI.
Danny Rampling and fellow DJs look back on how their 1987 Ibiza trip helped jumpstart a British dance-music revolution
How a farcical series of events in the 1880s produced an enduring and controversial legal precedent
Even a reformed member of a skinhead band has a hard time getting his own music pulled down.
Here’s to a better future for the technology industry. As a whole.
The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. led directly to hip-hop, an era of black American culture, politics, and art that is often contrasted with his legacy.
Why ad tech won’t be the internet’s savior in its battle for television dollars.
You tell me.
"It's extremely worrisome," says one high-powered agent. "Once these artists really do retire, who will be the replacements?"
If you need more ways to find music, here are 50 ideas, taken from Twitter users, my colleagues at Lifehacker’s publisher Gizmodo Media Group, and some of my own habits. They’ve all helped people find their new favorite song, or even their favorite band.
Sarah Lacy, founder of media site Pando, has unveiled her newest company, Chairman Mom. The subscription-based startup aims to provide resources to working mothers, and ultimately set them up to succeed in all areas of their lives.
New York Review of Books

The Man Who Wanted Everything

Founded in 1967, based in San Francisco, Rolling Stone was in the hairy thick of the tribal youth tumult, reporting on hippie hedonism, radical protest, and, in a notorious cover story, the floating seraglio of rock groupies whose thrift-shop splendor and Twiggy eyelashes made them style icons for those seeking backstage passes.
Ev Williams/Medium

The rationalization of publishing

Now that the ad-only experiment has decidedly failed, quality information providers will be able to build strong businesses, and consumers will be better served than ever.
Reports last week from the USA confirming that physical media is now outselling downloads once again.
Spotify, a product that once seemed untenable, if not immoral, is now mainstream. On Tuesday, the company will go public.
Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy, the French aristocrat who founded the house of Givenchy in 1952, died on Saturday at the age of 91.
Women who podcast’s clothes are about comfort and attitude.
Get incredibly close to the groundbreaking costumes of a legendary performer.
In the meantime, consider that the person without answers — the one who says, “I don’t know!” — might be the most responsible, respectable person at the meeting table.
Radio Survivor

FM radio is here to stay

When Norway completed the shutdown of its national FM radio signals the tech sites and blogs were all breathless in reporting the news. But, despite the strong currents of digital triumphalism, the way of Norway is not a sign of things to come for analog radio.

The end of Windows

The story of Windows’ decline is relatively straightforward and a classic case of disruption. What is more interesting, though, is the story of Windows’ decline in Redmond, culminating with last week’s reorganization that, for the first time since 1980, left the company without a division devoted to personal computer operating systems.
Back in 2008, a dozen people gathered in a tiny office in Stockholm, Sweden, and built something that would first shatter, then save, and ultimately rebuild music.
“We will dig through this hole, but it will take a few years.”
With artists like Rich Brian and Higher Brothers, Sean Miyashiro’s company is an authority on how to create pop-culture crossovers.
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Reports: Facebook rules Nordic SoMe – but for how long?

Facebook dominates the Nordic social media landscape. But looking at younger people, some intriguing user behaviour across the region could spell challenges ahead for the SoMe giant.
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“Design Thinking is Bullshit”

We did the reading. What is this Design Thinking everyone is talking about, and why is it so wildly popular? And why is it having a major backlash moment? Read on for a point-counterpoint.


h Hotell Pandemonium is a radio play created by myself for Radio Nova, Oslo’s student radio station. Episodes air bi-weekly, and 12 episodes are planned in total.Its genre is comedy/crime/mystery, and I utilize well known tropes used in other radio plays, films and books, such as "Dickie Dick Dickens" or Agatha Christie-novels.
Jeg har vært på så mange tinderdater det siste året at jeg har mistet tellingen for lengst. En periode datet jeg så mange samtidig at jeg måtte begynne å notere ned og pugge ting jeg hadde snakket om med hver og en av dem, for ikke å blande. Jeg har vært på frokostdate, turdate, middagsdate, klatredate, you name it. Til tross for at jeg har saumfart markedet har jeg ennå ikke hatt hell. Og tro meg, jeg har runda tinder minst tre ganger.
Podcastinering is a podcast made by – and for students. The podcast circles around the different aspects and struggles you come across during the student years, such as economic challenges, relationships, part time jobs, living situations, life on and off campus. Each episode has one specific theme.
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Breaking news: Nordic male knitting sweeps the world!

Finally. The world is waking up to the passion for gender-independent knitting in the northern countries.
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“The most anticipated day in the history of digital music”

Spotify finally went public on the New York Stock Exchange. What does it mean for the music industry and for listeners? We rounded up reactions from pundits around the world.
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Level up your business and grow!

What will it take to scale up and take your business to the next level? 657 SCALE is tailored for startups and corporates who want to innovate through clear growth and sales strategies for effective successful market launch.
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“Your next t-shirt will be made by a robot”

We did the reading for you. Here are some great stories from fashion innovation last week, including the robotic future of fashion production, the death of leisure, why war reporters wear flak jackets, and trends that define the fashion industry in 2018.
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This city is the self-proclaimed gaming capital of The North

Trondheim's tech community may be small, but punches well above its weight in tech-led creative industries. Nowhere can this be seen better than in gaming.
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Interview: Paywall journalism in the Nordics

In this interview, The Local’s founder James Savage talks to us about their successful introduction of a paywall, and what the future holds for journalism in the Nordic region.
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Interview: How to be creative in the morning

One solo graphic designer explains why she worked so hard to bring Creative Mornings - a global lecture series for the creative community - to Trondheim.
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Holding back the water the Danish way

Copenhagen loves its water. Until it threatens to flood and destroy it. City planners and architects are getting creative with design to tackle the problem.
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How to brand a (sleepy) nation

How to brand a small nation to grab attention on a global stage? Flaunt your peculiarities, says Finland and Norway. Even if those turn out to be national steretypes you at first didn't want to emphasize.
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