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The Creative Chat: Step aside grandma – knitting is more than warm socks

Maureen Selina Laverty just made technology fashionable through high tech knitting


Spotify is now testing the first steps towards a ‘post-curator’ world by allowing algorithmic recommendations into its biggest playlists. Are we seeing the end of The Playlist Era?
"You may be wondering, “what is neuro-linguistic programming?” To put it simply, NLP consists of a combo of verbal and physical cues that cause you to react/think/feel in a very specific way. NLP comes with a number of positive effects, but it also ranks among one of the most effective mind control tactics of the 20th century."
“While we’re biased and have an opinion, that’s different from allowing yourself to be a propaganda machine.”
"As thousands of Central American migrants made their way northward through Mexico, walking a treacherous route toward the US border, talk of "the caravan," as it's become known, took over Twitter. Conservatives, led by President Donald Trump, dominated the conversation, eager to turn the caravan into a voting issue before the midterms. As it turns out, they had some help—from propaganda bots on Twitter."
In a broad sense, music has a lot to thank technology for. But tight now there are some sticky technology-related issues that are impacting songwriters and performers, and we heard about some of them at the Vill Vill Vest festival in Bergen, Norway.
“A younger generation of [individuals] has grown up in a world that has been reliant on technology as an integral part of their lives, making it impossible to imagine life without being connected. This has been referred to as an ‘always on’ lifestyle, It’s no longer about on or off, really. It’s about living in a world where being networked to people and information wherever and whenever you need it is just assumed.”
From the office to weddings, from slim-fit to beefy, your ultimate guide to the best off-the-rack men’s suits. (Via Redef)
The streaming service is a decade old on Sunday. So has it created a post-CD paradise for listeners – or turned today’s music into a grey goo? Our music editors argue for and against
The combination of a draining schedule and a competitive, demanding career means one thing: Many working musicians have unusual dating lives that come with specific challenges and quirks.
Major companies are now fulfilling the role that wealthy individuals once did. And it’s causing some tension in the art community.
Tracing a mysterious message across the world to understand how what we buy is made.
How a 1979 chain email about science fiction spawned the internet we know today.
No longer just a cost-effective add-on, virtual events create an environment from which to grow communities and complement in-person offerings.
There may be many other ways, still, that the Apple Watch can fulfill its presumed destiny as the next device that we suddenly can’t remember a world without. But we're not there quite yet.
Although AI algorithms lack back stories and a creative process — the very things that often draw us into a piece of pop music — they make up for it with their ability to generate the unfamiliar and novel. But can AI also create highly creative and emotionally engaging music?
Axel Springer, the German publishing house, is pushing back hard against the dominance of both Facebook and Google. On the heels of several scandals and less traffic from Facebook, other publishers are following suit.
An artificial intelligence (AI) version of US President Donald Trump which can tweet and interact like him has been developed. Could an AI version of you help you make better decisions?
Corporate directors and executives alike recognize that today’s pace of change continues to accelerate and that firms need to innovate to stay ahead. But are boards doing enough to support innovation, as they should?
In this Forbes Insights video, Tien Tzuo, founder and CEO of Zuora, talks about why he believes that the Internet of Things is the future. His company has helped validate that premise by creating a platform for subscription-based data services.
Nieman Lab keeps giving us real news about fake news. Plus: How YouTubers spread far-right beliefs (don’t just blame algorithms), and another cry for less both-sides journalism.
Juan Atkins was playing techno when most of its current practitioners were playing in the schoolyard, sending shock waves through contemporary music since 1981. Wired interviewed him.
The fashion set is currently on its semi-annual tour of fashion weeks, from New York to London, and now Milan. The loudest takeaway thus far has been that the media is batshit for Batsheva, Quartz reports.
Facebook, Tesla, Uber and many, many others. “Move fast and break things” has long been the tech way, but it no longer appears to be working.
Bunkers! Albania's most visible uniqueness. A negative that's so definitive of the nation that it has almost become a positive.
People got emotional over Nike’s new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick — and weren’t afraid to tell a young black man at the company’s call center just how they felt
Print may be dying, but the magazine cover still plays an essential role in defining—and sustaining—a media brand. Can the cover outlive the magazine? asks The Ringer. (Via Redef)
The Drum spoke to the news curation platform founder and chief executive, Mike McCue, about how the company looks to keep momentum on its side, its philosophy towards publishers and advertisers, and how it avoids allowing fake news to disrupt its platform.
About 10 years ago, Electronic Arts developed and then canceled a game about Jack the Ripper. This is its story. (Via Redef)
Sure, it made a lot of money. But it also rewrote the rules for what a superhero game could be. Here’s the story behind Treyarch's 2004 masterpiece.
The making of one of the greatest adventure games ever.
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The Project: Holocaust Center extension adds to building’s dramatic history

A new extension to the Holocaust Center in Oslo shows how architecture can change the perception of an historical building.
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Carlings goes fashionably virtual

Need another one-time outfit for your Instagram feed? Norwegian fashion retailer Carlings has created the world's first virtual collection for the environmentally sensible influencer.


h For tredje gang i år løser Mike Torsvik Johansen opptaksprøvene sånn at du slipper å gjøre det.
Tiden var inne for å gi en sjanse til dette fenomenet jeg hadde uglesett i årevis, men alltid følt en dragning mot. 
Hjernen er sårbar og lett påvirkelig. Se for deg at den er en leirklump du kan forme helt selv. Hva ville du endret hvis du kunne spesialdesignet hjernen din? Ville du strammet opp språksenteret – utvidet vokabularet og blitt raskere i replikken?
Simon Gottschalk

The infantilization of Western culture

Our everyday interactions with smartphones and social media have accelerated and normalized our culture’s infantile tendencies.

Creative Thinking

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And…we’re out of here

Talented graphic design graduates on how they create - and what they expect from the real world.
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Is Comic Sans really that bad?

The font everybody loves to hate lives strong on the streets of Oslo. Are we being too harsh?
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Edvard er co-writer/producer på Alan Walkers nye singel «Diamond Heart»

– Det har egentlig ikke gått helt opp for meg ennå, sier Edvard Normann.
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When Helly Hansen pioneered social influencing

How did micro-influencers impact brands before smartphones, Instagram and blogs? Helly Hansen went hip hop on the streets of New York.
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Skapte tragedien «Ødipus Rex» gjennom vellykket samarbeid

Hvert år gir studentene på skuespill og maske- og hårdesign liv til et gresk teaterstykke. I år har de gjennom et suverent samspill av sminke, hår og skuespill skapt stykket «Ødipus Rex».
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Ah, so you’re a Calibri type of person!

Simple research shows that your fonts say more about you than a personality test.
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Find One Miscake

Is branching out the future big brand marketing strategy? We've taken a closer look at those who made it work - and those who, well, didn't.
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How to Tell Love Stories. Honestly.

Playwright Nora Bryde Gjertsen on how to write a love story with both the thrill and the sting.
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Where sole mates go to school

Sneaker heads, your dream may come true!
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