This is it. The Creative Industry Brief

Welcome to the The Creative Industry Brief, our new online magazine and newsletter covering how serious creativity, freedom and guts drives the new economy. At 657, Norway’s largest co-working space for the creative industries and publisher of this brief, we see these forces in action every day. We have launched The Creative Industry Brief to document and draw inspiration from this happening space.

We are still in beta, so bear with us until the fall of 2018. Meanwhile, please send your shouts & murmurs to hello@creativeindustrybrief.com – we’d love to hear from you. And make sure to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter with the latest news and insights from Norwegian and international creative industries.

Superblaise has built and designed the platform, and carries the day-to-day editorial responsibility.

The so-called Creative Shift means that many are on the lookout for communities from where they can connect to a network of likeminded people. The gains from collaboration outweighs the pains of competition. Thus, The Creative Industry Brief is a collaborative content platform, to which we have invited special partners to co-publish the brief by contributing their voices, content and networks in helping to build a lively and up-to-date publication by and for creative industry students, professionals, investors and media. Sponsored content is clearly marked.

In pointing the way to the best content on the web, the editors adhere to the Curator’s Code – a standard for honoring attribution of discovery across the web.

Untold Stories About Creativity

In what has been dubbed The Creative Shift, we witness a growing movement of self-reliant, creative and ambitious people – freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, contract workers – who’ve declared independence from the traditional corporate world and have become the fastest growing group in the EU. This movement is driven by millennials, who recently became the largest demographic age group. The Creative Industry Brief specifically covers their endeavors – their thoughts, products, companies, events.

The art of success and failure outside the mold is gutsy and intricate – and these young independents have experience to share. Introducing “Untold” – the yellow section which is dedicated to creative industry students and young folks. The section is edited and produced by Untold Editorial – an editorial board consisting purely of students and young people, sponsored by some of Norway’s premier creative industry colleges in order to compensate their work. Untold Editorial creates content, marketing and community management for The Creative Industry Brief and other content-driven products.

Do you want to hear more about how the young people at Untold can give you fresh insights and juice up your project? Get in touch here.

So enjoy a daily dose of news that will make you a creative industry hero!

– The Creative Industry Brief team