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Ah, so you’re a Calibri type of person!
Simple research shows that your fonts say more about you than a personality test.

You open up a blank Word or Pages document to write that school assignment, article, mail, or whatever you’ve been procrastinating on for days. You make yourself a hot cup of coffee, settle down, and everything’s ready. What’s next? Right, you pick the font for your text.

Which one, it turns out, says a lot about you.

We’ve asked both designers and lay people on their thoughts on fonts. And by the end of this article, after completing our novel “Tell me your font and I’ll tell you who you are”-test, you will know exactly what type of person you are.

Find your font. So You Need A Typeface is an infographic by Julian Hansen, dealing with the subject of choosing the right typeface for a project. You can get a poster here.

Kaja (24), designer

Which font do you choose when writing a document?

I use the default font if it’s a nice one. But if I’m actually choosing the font myself it’s often either Arial or Roboto.

What’s your favorite font?

For body text I like Roboto, Helvetica, and other fonts that are easy to read and that look nice as well. I like Impact and Bebas Neue for headlines.

Do you think that your fonts say something about you?

I think the fonts I choose show that I’m a designer, since these fonts are often used. It probably also shows that I’m a minimalist?

Are there any fonts that you hate?

I don’t really like Comic Sans, Papyrus, Word Art and so on. There’s too much going on and they have a childish vibe that doesn’t fit with other styles. It reminds me of teachers or people that want things done fast and easy, not caring about the aesthetics.

Stian (44), interaction designer

Which font do you choose when writing a document?

The default font.

What’s your favorite font?

Avant Garde Gothic Demi Alternate. It’s jazz, baby! Just kidding – it’s strict, playful, and looks nice. Actually, I like the whole font family.

Do you think that your fonts say something about you?

Yes, that I’m old, probably, and that I like symmetry.

Are there any fonts that you hate?

Myriad. People like this font, but I hate it. When using it, I feel like I lack ideas. People who use this font are either lazy or extremely skilled designers.

Christine (22), physiotherapy student

Which font do you choose when writing a document?

Times New Roman.

What’s your favorite font?

I don’t have a specific favorite, but I always use Times New Roman.

Do you think that your fonts say something about you?

It shows that school has ruined me. Just kidding. I feel it shows that I’m a student, since this is the standard font for assignments at most schools.

Are there any fonts that you hate?

There’s no specific font that I hate, but I don’t like fonts that are disruptive to read. It makes me think of less serious websites.

Ane (22), teaching student

Which font do you choose when writing a document?

I use Calibri, since it’s the default font in Word.

What’s your favorite font?

I don’t think I have a favorite, but I use both Calibri and Times New Roman a lot. I think it’s because they look clean and simple, as well as the fact that I’ve always been told to use Times New Roman in school assignments. But overall, I don’t really think that much about the fonts I use, as long as they look clean.

Do you think that the font you choose says something about you?

No, not really. But I use them to convey my professionalism, which I think is important as a teacher.

Are there any fonts that you hate?

I think Comic Sans is childish and unprofessional. It depends on the reader, of course, but I wouldn’t use it in a serious document. I automatically consider people who use this font unprofessional.

Source: www.labnol.org


Tell me your font and I’ll tell you who you are

Take this quick test to understand more about yourself.


Which of these sentences fits you the best?

A) “I’m really into design, and the font you choose is crucial for how I see you as a person.”

B) “I don’t really care too much about fonts, but I would never choose Comic Sans for a serious document.”

C) “I just go with the flow. Default fonts are my go-to.”


Which of the fonts listed below do you prefer when writing a formal document?

A) Helvetica

B) Times New Roman

C) Calibri


When someone asks you “What’s your favorite grotesque font?”, you answer…

A) “Don’t get me started! I could discuss why one grotesque font is better than another for hours!”

B) “Helvetica.”

C) “What is a grotesque font?”


Which of the fonts listed below would you choose for a headline?

A) Bebas Neue

B) The same font I’m using in the body text

C) WordArt


You’re skimming through Netflix and you see that there’s a documentary called “Helvetica”. What runs through your mind?

A) “I’ve watched it already.”

B) “Cool, I’ll watch it!”

C) “A documentary about a font, how boring!”



Most A’s:

You are Futurathe designer. If you don’t already know this, congratulations! You care about fonts way more than others, and you are knowledgeable enough to be arrogant in this field. Fonts such as Helvetica is nice, but you know that there’s better options.

Most B’s:

You are Helveticathe wannabe. It’s not automatically negative, as long as you don’t try too hard. You know the basics of what is right and wrong when you’re choosing your font. Comic Sans is a no go, you know this. That said, let the designers be designers – don’t get into a discussion about fonts, thinking you know the best. You care about design and fonts, but you don’t know enough.

Most C’s:

You are Calibrithe student. A font for you is just a font. You’re not trying to be something you’re not, and you’re okay with that. You’ve got 99 problems, but the font you choose isn’t one. After years and years of school assignments that tells you to use a specific font, you’ve gotten used to just going with the flow and do what you’re told to do.


The writer, Mellina Villanueva, is a student at Kristiania University College and an editor in Untold Editorial, the group of students and young professionals that produce The Creative Industry Brief. 

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How to Choose the Right Fonts for your Project

If you are looking to find the right kind of font /typeface for designing your book, your website logo, for an handwritten invitation letter or a font for annotating an illustration, this flowchart from graphic designer Julian Hansen should come handy.

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