Andreas (20) played support for Enrique Eglesias: “It was wild!”

Enrique Iglesias wanted a DJ act for support at a concert. Three days later, Andreas Hansen, aka Africanchild, churned out beats for a crowd of 17.000.

Recently, the promising young music producer and song writer Andreas Hansen, a AKA africanchild, received a phone call. The Noroff student was asked to support for Enrique Iglesias in Telenor Arena in Oslo. He had three days’ notice.

“It was super exciting,” he smiles. “I thought they were kidding when they asked, and didn’t realize the magnitude of it all until the sound check at Telenor Arena. That’s when I got really nervous.”

“It was wild to play in front of 17 000 people! It was pretty dark in the arena, so I couldn’t see a lot of faces. But I heard and felt their energy.”

What people wanted to know afterwards: Did he hang with Enrique Eglesias?

– As a matter of fact, I didn’t. I guess I could have, but chose to see the rest of the concert from the crowd rather than lounge backstage. But I met his manager and crew, who were super friendly and happy with my performance.

A sibling act

Africanchild recently released his debut single, “Got My Heart”, with his younger sister on vocals.

“It feels great to have released my debut,” he says. “I’ve been close to releasing my music so many times, but have decided to wait until I got the sound became exactly the way I wanted it. It’s wonderful to finally be going at it. I didn’t realize just how cool the track was until we added the vocals. The track originated in a school project we had last year, but I have added to and edited it a lot since then.”

The reception has been very good.

“Yes, the reception has been great, and I hear a surprising number of people humming it. I love that!” he says.

“Spotify even added it to their New Music Friday- list on release day, which really helped. It is a sign they liked it.

African Child i Telenor Arena

One million streams

Hansen has participated on several music projects, garnering a combined one million Spotify streams.

“It’s cool that so many have been listening to the music I’ve been a part of making. But with my single, though, my work has become really personal. They’re my lyrics, compositions and productions.”

On more normal days, Hansen is a student at Noroff’s concentration for Sound and Music Production.

“What I like about the concentration is its hands-on approach and all the time we spend in the studio,” Hansen says. “There are a lot of clever teachers with very relevant expertise and experience. They are great at conveying their knowhow, and are still active in the field, which is important to me. Their perspectives are built on real experience, and they offer plenty of tips and tricks for us industry youngsters.”

Hansen was in the first batch of students who got to use the new facilities at Mølleparken in Oslo.

“It is a great place to be, for school and after school. It is also really inspiring to share premises with other concentrations such as Film Production and 3D Game Design. Great networking,” he says. “My tip for new students is to use your time at school for everything it’s worth. Hang out in the studio, do every assignment, including the voluntary ones, and try to gobble up as much inspiration and knowledge as possible.”

What next for africanchild?

“First, release the follow-up single in the summer. Then, set up sessions with a lot of different musicians and producers. And, of course, Noroff final exams are just around the corner.”

Listen to Africanchild at SoundCloud here. og at Spotify here. You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook. This content was produced by Noroff.

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