Finally! “The Spotify for magazines” is here – and it looks amazing.

Norwegian media start-up VIO has cracked the content code. This summer they’ll let you try out their service for next to nothing.

Quality magazines are often expensive and difficult to get a hold of. Norwegian media startup VIO wants to change that. By collecting premium articles from more than 60 Scandinavian, British and American publications in one simple reading experience, the app makes you the editor of your own custom magazine.

VIO CEO Agnes Dyvik is eager to show people what she and her team has accomplished. She decided to make this year’s summer campaign a complete no-brainer for anyone interested in great reading experiences.

“We have so many people telling us they use VIO every day and that it makes them feel smarter, more relaxed and up to date. Now we want invite more people to try it out,” Dyvik says.

Some user feedback have been more interesting than others, she admits:

“The strangest comment I’ve received so far came from a woman who told me she felt less empty after toilet breaks since she started using VIO. I didn’t push her on what that meant, but I do believe a lot of people feel that they waste their daily pauses scrolling through meaningless content.”

“Wasting you pauses”. Wow, that’s relatable. Perhaps this is summer when we stop following new dogs on Instagram and start spending our time reading about stuff we actually care about.

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