Meet Broomstick – The 3D Upstart Startup

"The 3D field is developing so fast, there really is no limit to what we can create," says the CEO of Noroff alumni Broomstick.

“After school, we all worked independently in the same field. I initiated talks to see if we could start something larger together. There are limits to what you can do on your own,” Sivertsen says. “Working as a team allows us to deliver much higher production value, and lets us take on much larger clients.”

Broomstick visualization of an architecture project

Ready For The Big League

All four have a background from visualization in the offshore industry.

“Offshore is a particular field of expertise for us. But we work for all kinds of industries. We all brought clients to the table, and have a lot of work already,” Thuesen says. Broomstick are comfortable being a contender and want to challenge the larger Oslo-based agencies.

“We planned this for a couple of months before we jumped. We really are just a few weeks old. and putting a lot of effort into building long term partnerships. It’s full speed ahead,” Sivertsen says.


Broomstick visualization of a wind mill park.

Old Man Out

It was the 3D studies at Noroff which provided the real spark for their interest in 3D technology.

“We learned how to be dedicated and have discipline. And we learned workflow in a way that will stay with you throughout your career. We also learned how to stay up to date with and use new techniques,” Thuesen says.

“Whichever direction in 3D you elect, you really have to put a lot of effort into it. For 3D gaming design, for instance, you need to remember that being a gamer is not synonymous with being a great game developer. You just need to have a keen interest in the technical stuff, and work very hard. There really are no short cuts.”


This article was written by Noroff and published on the Branded Content module of Creative Industry Brief.