Stories concerning innovation in the product & graphic design industries.

Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process.
-Paul Rand


No longer just a cost-effective add-on, virtual events create an environment from which to grow communities and complement in-person offerings.
People got emotional over Nike’s new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick — and weren’t afraid to tell a young black man at the company’s call center just how they felt
Brands are investing in their relationships with Pinterest because of the unique commerce opportunities that it provides.
Picture a quasi-AI vision meets social media prowess mixed with haute couture and integrity and you've got this intriguing new vibe in social media influence known as Noonoouri, a virtual persona who is gaining such a Millennial fanbase that brands from Dior to KKW are lining up to work with her and tap into consumers in a completely new way.
The conventional interpretation of human-centered design wildly oversimplifies the relationship between people and technology. It’s time for a more nuanced approach, writes argodesign’s Mark Rolston.
"I've recently been told I should take pictures of my feet".A marketing e-mail triggers an existential quandary.
Grandiosa has dominated both the country’s pizza sales and music charts. gives an unexpected twist to a familiar genre.
The pithiness that makes “you are the product” so quotable risks obscuring the complex pact between Facebook and its users, in ways that make social media’s problems seem inevitable and insoluble. They’re not—but if we want to fix them, the first thing we need to do is redefine our relationship.
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When Helly Hansen pioneered social influencing

How did micro-influencers impact brands before smartphones, Instagram and blogs? Helly Hansen went hip hop on the streets of New York.
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Find One Miscake

Is branching out the future big brand marketing strategy? We've taken a closer look at those who made it work - and those who, well, didn't.
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Pop! Goes The Economy

Pop-up stores and happenings have mushroomed from something scrappy entrepreneurs did because they could afford it, to something giant corporations are doing to get rich.
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How The Beatles made Nike a billion dollar brand

You say you want a revolution? A legendary The Beatles song certainly and brilliantly created one for Nike.
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The Rise of The Fake Influencer

"There's a new fake in town". And some of them hardly even pretend to be real. Part clever marketing, part fraud - the art of social media influencing has come a long way from let's-hire-some-college-kid-who-does-this-Facebook-thing attitude.
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“Your logo is copied”

Admit it, everything's been done before, writes Ferdinand Vogler, who figured out where some popular logos might have come from. He asks when copying becomes stealing, and if its even a bad thing. Read our curated list of articles debating the issue.
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“Design Thinking is Bullshit”

We did the reading. What is this Design Thinking everyone is talking about, and why is it so wildly popular? And why is it having a major backlash moment? Read on for a point-counterpoint.
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How to brand a (sleepy) nation

How to brand a small nation to grab attention on a global stage? Flaunt your peculiarities, says Finland and Norway. Even if those turn out to be national steretypes you at first didn't want to emphasize.