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Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
-Coco Chanel


“A younger generation of [individuals] has grown up in a world that has been reliant on technology as an integral part of their lives, making it impossible to imagine life without being connected. This has been referred to as an ‘always on’ lifestyle, It’s no longer about on or off, really. It’s about living in a world where being networked to people and information wherever and whenever you need it is just assumed.”
From the office to weddings, from slim-fit to beefy, your ultimate guide to the best off-the-rack men’s suits. (Via Redef)
Tracing a mysterious message across the world to understand how what we buy is made.
The fashion set is currently on its semi-annual tour of fashion weeks, from New York to London, and now Milan. The loudest takeaway thus far has been that the media is batshit for Batsheva, Quartz reports.
After the sun sets in Putian, thousands of bikes carrying fake sneakers hit the streets.
The good news is that from what we’ve seen, the pendulum has finally begun to shift away from discounting as a major driver in purchase decisions for the majority of Americans, and toward quality.

Fashionably AI

Eison Triple Thread reimagines suit-making with music and artificial intelligence
Buying a Kate Spade handbag was a coming-of-age ritual for a generation of American women. The designer created an accessories empire that helped define the look of an era. The purses she made became a status symbol and a token of adulthood.
The furniture giant’s latest collaboration lets you match your three piece suite to your three piece suit.
Many companies are using inexpensive immigrant labor to manufacture handbags that bear the coveted “Made in Italy” label.
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Where sole mates go to school

Sneaker heads, your dream may come true!
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Spring Picks: Fashion’s Greatest Reads

Meghan Markle's massive princess power. Smear campaigns against Russian models. The powerhouse controlling your spectacles. How Beyoncé single-handedly changed festival attire forever. We've read some amazing fashion industry articles lately.
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Breaking news: Nordic male knitting sweeps the world!

Finally. The world is waking up to the passion for gender-independent knitting in the northern countries.
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“Your next t-shirt will be made by a robot”

We did the reading for you. Here are some great stories from fashion innovation last week, including the robotic future of fashion production, the death of leisure, why war reporters wear flak jackets, and trends that define the fashion industry in 2018.