Stories concerning innovation in the music industry.

As a music industry, if we remain in competition, then we die. We have to understand that we’re all in this together. Collaboration and synergy, it’s one of the most important things out there.
-Scooter Brown


Spotify is now testing the first steps towards a ‘post-curator’ world by allowing algorithmic recommendations into its biggest playlists. Are we seeing the end of The Playlist Era?
In a broad sense, music has a lot to thank technology for. But tight now there are some sticky technology-related issues that are impacting songwriters and performers, and we heard about some of them at the Vill Vill Vest festival in Bergen, Norway.
The streaming service is a decade old on Sunday. So has it created a post-CD paradise for listeners – or turned today’s music into a grey goo? Our music editors argue for and against
The combination of a draining schedule and a competitive, demanding career means one thing: Many working musicians have unusual dating lives that come with specific challenges and quirks.
Although AI algorithms lack back stories and a creative process — the very things that often draw us into a piece of pop music — they make up for it with their ability to generate the unfamiliar and novel. But can AI also create highly creative and emotionally engaging music?
Juan Atkins was playing techno when most of its current practitioners were playing in the schoolyard, sending shock waves through contemporary music since 1981. Wired interviewed him.
Cherie Hu considers whether music companies are becoming media companies in the wake of Warner’s buyout of Vice rival UPROXX.
The New Yorker


Thinking about Charlie Parker, every day.
Steven Hyden’s book Twilight of the Gods argues that the appeal of the now-dwindling Baby Boomer guitar gods was only ever personal.
“They can certainly imitate Mozart and Beethoven and produce stuff that some people will mistake initially for Mozart and Beethoven."
The Washington Post

The star treatment

As R. Kelly's career flourished, an industry overlooked allegations of abusive behavior toward young women
The streaming service dropping R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from playlists is one of the very few signs of a #MeToo reckoning in the music industry.
Artists like Camila Cabello, Cardi B and Jason Derulo are putting out record numbers of singles before launching an album. But is the strategy working?
“It shines a light on hip-hop in a completely different way. This is a big moment for hip-hop music and a big moment for the Pulitzers.”
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Getting ahead: Nora Konstanse

She hasn't even released her first album yet. So why is everyone so excited about singer-songwriter Nora Konstanse?
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Festival Tip: Tell Courtney Barnett how you really feel

As the high season of music festivals commences, we allow ourselves this one blunt recommendation: Courtney Barnett - who's very confident songs about lack of confidence will find a large Nordic audience.
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Claims that Tidal manipulated Beyoncé data go viral

Did music streaming app Tidal inflate audience figures for Beyoncé and Kanye West? The Norwegian media say yes, Tidal’s lawyers say no.
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Old boys still in charge of creative industries (shocking nobody)

A new report declares a lack of social mobility and and huge dominance of upper middle class people in creative industries. And the people at the top – mostly well-paid, middle-class white men – are least likely to see it.
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“The most anticipated day in the history of digital music”

Spotify finally went public on the New York Stock Exchange. What does it mean for the music industry and for listeners? We rounded up reactions from pundits around the world.