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“While we’re biased and have an opinion, that’s different from allowing yourself to be a propaganda machine.”
"As thousands of Central American migrants made their way northward through Mexico, walking a treacherous route toward the US border, talk of "the caravan," as it's become known, took over Twitter. Conservatives, led by President Donald Trump, dominated the conversation, eager to turn the caravan into a voting issue before the midterms. As it turns out, they had some help—from propaganda bots on Twitter."
In a broad sense, music has a lot to thank technology for. But tight now there are some sticky technology-related issues that are impacting songwriters and performers, and we heard about some of them at the Vill Vill Vest festival in Bergen, Norway.
“A younger generation of [individuals] has grown up in a world that has been reliant on technology as an integral part of their lives, making it impossible to imagine life without being connected. This has been referred to as an ‘always on’ lifestyle, It’s no longer about on or off, really. It’s about living in a world where being networked to people and information wherever and whenever you need it is just assumed.”
The streaming service is a decade old on Sunday. So has it created a post-CD paradise for listeners – or turned today’s music into a grey goo? Our music editors argue for and against
How a 1979 chain email about science fiction spawned the internet we know today.
Axel Springer, the German publishing house, is pushing back hard against the dominance of both Facebook and Google. On the heels of several scandals and less traffic from Facebook, other publishers are following suit.
An artificial intelligence (AI) version of US President Donald Trump which can tweet and interact like him has been developed. Could an AI version of you help you make better decisions?
Nieman Lab keeps giving us real news about fake news. Plus: How YouTubers spread far-right beliefs (don’t just blame algorithms), and another cry for less both-sides journalism.
Facebook, Tesla, Uber and many, many others. “Move fast and break things” has long been the tech way, but it no longer appears to be working.
Print may be dying, but the magazine cover still plays an essential role in defining—and sustaining—a media brand. Can the cover outlive the magazine? asks The Ringer. (Via Redef)
The Drum spoke to the news curation platform founder and chief executive, Mike McCue, about how the company looks to keep momentum on its side, its philosophy towards publishers and advertisers, and how it avoids allowing fake news to disrupt its platform.
Memes, remixes and other user-generated content could disappear online if the EU's proposed rules on copyright become law, warn experts.
The true story of the exact moment in the mid-Nineties when reality television morphed from its best self to its worst.
The remake is a chance for Skam to find an even bigger audience, but it’s also a bid from Facebook to appeal to its dwindling teenage demographic.
Don’t have children, a great writer once told Michael Chabon. Each one represents a novel you’ll never publish. Here, Chabon (father of four) considers what was lost when he defiantly ignored that advice.
Disney's films have become so successful they're now the company's greatest competition. But George Lucas and Stan Lee know the answer: building your own universe.
The New York Times

The Last Days of Time Inc.

An oral history of how the pre-eminent media organization of the 20th century ended up on the scrap heap.
The history of music on YouTube is a checkered tale filled with rights disputes, clashes with major labels, multiple attempts to launch subscription-based services, and tens of billions of views.
Tech companies that don't have storytelling at their core are recruiting their way into the future of television, poaching high-end names from TV networks or household names that they know will lure viewers.
Who Killed Hunter S Thompson? is a big and beautiful compendium of friends’ reminiscences of the infamous writer.
Ev Williams, a co-founder of Twitter, has turned his focus to Medium, the digital publishing company he started in 2012.
The first series of Norwegian political thriller Occupied came dangerously close to creating a diplomatic situation, telling the story of a fictional near future in which Russia invaded Norway in an effort to restore its oil and gas reserves.
Bias in journalism is nothing new, but there are growing concerns technology is pushing us into echo chambers where we only hear one side of the story. Now a startup says it’s using AI to bring us a truly impartial source of news.
New York Magazine

The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics

From Superman to Smile, Mickey to Maus: Tracing the evolution of comic books by looking at the pictures, panels, and text that brought them to life.
Google maps, Gmail, and Facebook are all free. Yet all of these services are worth something. Many people would probably pay directly to use at least one of them. But how much?
Category icon 25.09.18

Now, everyone can deepfake

AI-enabled face swapping in videos - or deepfakes - are incredibly realistic. Is it just the next step in the post-truth, fake news landscape.
Category icon 19.07.18

The comic industry’s billion dollar inferiority complex

It's time for Comic-Con, the annual gathering of 130,000 fans, artists, collectors and culture geeks that defines the wild ambitions - and pessimist mindset - of the billion dollar comic industry.
Category icon 30.04.18

SKAM Austin: Nordic angst conquers America (while saving Facebook)

The American version of Skam, the breakout Norwegian, low-budget web series about realistically flawed young people dealing with growing up, has made its debut. SKAM Austin has been comissioned for Facebook's Watch video platform, and is aimed at a global audience rather than Norway's more modestly numbered teenagers. Is it succeeding? We gathered up some reactions.
Category icon 13.04.18

Reports: Facebook rules Nordic SoMe – but for how long?

Facebook dominates the Nordic social media landscape. But looking at younger people, some intriguing user behaviour across the region could spell challenges ahead for the SoMe giant.
Category icon 04.04.18

Interview: Paywall journalism in the Nordics

In this interview, The Local’s founder James Savage talks to us about their successful introduction of a paywall, and what the future holds for journalism in the Nordic region.