Copycat eller kreativt geni?

Du trenger ikke lengre å kunne spille et instrument eller synge rent for å få låten din på P3, for i dag kan alle bli musikere! Er det en bra ting?

The rise (and fall) of The Cult of Failure

How screwing up and 'failing better' became the new badge of honor.

Is your smart TV getting too smart?

You like to watch your smart TV. But do you want it to watch you back?

These Dutch homes will be printed

3D printed houses - that you are actually supposed to live in - are here.

For your eyes only: How Netflix knows your taste (and sometimes doesn’t)

What influences what series and movies we feel like watching? Artificial intelligence, that's what. Join us for an inside look at Netflix.

Playpulse claims the final spot

After five nail-biting regional qualifying rounds, expectations are sky high before next week’s finals of Creative Business Cup Norway. And so is the level of this year’s finalists.

Get paid: Aim for these creative industry jobs

New reports confirm that students who know their technology will never ever go out of style. On the job market, anyway.

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