Det er ingen skam å bli klokere

Vi forbinder en kreativ prosess med noe man gjennomfører internt, og der kun det perfekte sluttresultat vises frem. Slike prosessers dager er talte, og fra nå av gjør vi det motsatte!

The infantilization of Western culture

Our everyday interactions with smartphones and social media have accelerated and normalized our culture’s infantile tendencies.

New Prince album: why posthumous releases can sell both artist and fans short

Would Prince really have approved of the music industry's attempts to keep him in the front of our minds?

The ghost of Roy Orbison goes on tour – and some aren’t happy about it

KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube boxing match: stars sparring with traditional broadcasters to make millions

Believe the hype: Logan Paul was so confident that he would beat KSI that he has bet $1m on himself to win. But this is pocket money, compared with the millions they will both earn in merchandise and ticket sales.

How to reverse engineer memory to create a lasting impression

Think back to all the times you spent weekends with your friends at university. Can you distinguish these weekends from each other, or do they all seem sort of similar - like it was all one long Saturday? The cool thing is that you can use these shortcomings of the brain to your advantage.

The album at 70: a format in decline?

The album – or at least, the 33rpm vinyl record that spawned the format – turns 70 years old this year. But it isn’t ageing gracefully.

Design thinking. Design still comes first.

For many businesses, design thinking is their best bet to keep them ahead in a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging world. And here’s the thing, it actually works.

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